I think we created a horcrux in Canada

Cox bay, Tofino

Oh, you thought I'd stopped fangirling about Canada? Nah, sorry. I think I'm turning into a bit of a broken record when it comes to Canada, and the more time that passes, the more Daz and I are sure it's where we need to be.


I know. I know. Didn't we just move to Edinburgh? Yup, yup, yup, and we are enjoying it. It's a beautiful city and Scotland wasn't voted the most beautiful country in the world for nothing. It's just not Canada. (If you're new to Girl In Awe & want to know why I fangirl about Canada so much, take a look through my Canada archives, or about 70% of my photos on Instagram.)


You know when you go on holiday and you get a serious good time hangover when you get home? It's like that, but permanent. In fact, we keep saying we left part of our souls in Canada like a less-deadly horcrux. Think of me as a travelling, orange-haired, eco-friendly, non-lethal, puppy-loving Voldemort, if you will. Now, there's an image for you. Though, we don't know that Voldemort didn't separate his recycling, and maybe the dude volunteered at rescue shelters when he wasn't trying to kill Harry et al.,.


I always remember my Mum telling me that Ireland instantly felt like home to her the first time she visited, and every time she's been since. I've tried to imagine myself living in every country I've visited and most of the time it seemed pretty fun, but I didn't understand what she meant until I began exploring Alberta.

Emerald Lake, Canada

It took me 14 years to go from "OMG Avril Lavigne is from Canada, I wanna visit" (because who wasn't obsessed with her in the early 2000s?) to standing at the side of my first Canadian lake. And I instantly got what my Mum meant all those years before.


Unfortunately, it's not something you can really explain and do justice if you've never felt it yourself. It's like a homecoming for your soul; you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, everything is sunshine and rainbows made of kittens and Labrador puppies, and you instantly hit up their government website to figure out how you can get a visa. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Canada is without it's faults; everything has faults.


We're currently trying to figure out the best way for us to get over there and live for a while to see if it lives up to our wildest dreams. It feels like something we have to do, and yeah that's gonna mean more Canada fangirling for you poor souls if they do let us into the country.


It's strange. We've lived in Edinburgh for almost three months now and it still doesn't feel real. And I'm not 100% it feels like home. We love our little flat and where we live, but I think our minds are so "I HEART CANADA" that it feels like a stepping stone towards Canada. It's a strange feeling for someone who spent the first 24 years of their life living in the same town.


Has anyone else ever felt this way about a place?