Been to Banff National Park? Can you help with my research?


Have any of you lovely lot been to Banff National Park? If so, do you fancy helping me out with my research for my masters dissertation?

I'm looking at how visitors to Banff National Park are educated about responsible behaviour around wildlife, it's effectiveness, and if there might be better ways to reach people. All of this is to help reduce negative impacts (direct or indirect) on wildlife which can lead to human-wildlife conflict incidents. 

Surprisingly, my project budget of £500 will not get you to Canada for a couple of weeks to survey people while taking in the scenery. Which means, I'm spending the next two months sending my surveys out online and annoying people into taking it. 

The survey will take 10 minutes, is completely anonymous, and none of the questions are mandatory. It will ask you about planning your trip to Banff, what you saw while you were there, how you received information about wildlife, and a bit more. 

If you want to take it, the survey is embedded below or you can follow this link and do it on the SurveyMonkey website. Please consider sharing the link with any friends or family who have been on their own trips to Banff National Park as well, and let's help save some wildlife! Thank you so much if you do take my survey, I truly appreciate it and it's going to (hopefully) result in some awesome research. 


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